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The pilot site in Linz consists of six buildings and 361 dwellings. Since the dwellings are very modern and well insulated, the potential waste has been mostly avoided already. Hence, the service focus on optimal management and behaviour change with an overall target of 5%.

The pilot sites integrates an edss and ems for tenants. The system does not only provide information to the end customer by using a web based information platform, but it allows the delivery of measured data, not only images, to the customers almost without any delay. Measurement data is provided to the customer by using IP-based communication. This allows tenants not only to check the consumption values in real time, but also to be able to configure some switching and control equipment to react (switch), if a specific tariff is available or if a threshold has been defined, and / or if a certain power consumption is exceeded.



For more details visit the eeMeasure tool and the esesh deliverable D7.2 also covering qualitative surveys.



The tenant can access a forecast for consumption until the end of the year. In case of very high energy consumption a warning is shown on the portal.The tenant received saving tips in accordance with his consumption Monthly reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are generated automatically. Other features: The adaptor plugs can be used to switch on/off devices.



The business case for Linz allows for a multi-stage implementation with energy efficiency services on a first stage and integration of further services (e.g. smart home and entertainment), on a second stage prepared for opt-in scenarios. The utility Linz AG is modernising its services with the esesh solution also optimising internal processes. Customers are offered ‘more than energy supply’ alone by extending the range of services. On the first stage both, tenant and housing provider benefit immediately. The second stage cannot be sufficiently modelled as the benefits are specific to this pilot site.


GWG is a non-profit organisation for providing public housing, owned by the City of Linz. At present, over 26,000 residential units are managed by the GWG. 18,500 are homes, while the rest are community facilities, such as senior citizen centres, nursery schools and buildings, where assisted living is provided. LINZ AG is a multi-utility company in Upper Austria, Austria. LINZ STROM GmbH, a subsidiary of LINZ AG, with 540 employees and responsible for the fields of energy production and distribution, for the supply of electricity, and for telecommunications. The goal is to explore impact and applicability of energy awareness / management systems in social households and to become a leading supplier of energy awareness / management systems. ubitronix system solutions GmbH supports utilities in tackling the ever growing challenges of liberalized energy markets with its Unified IEM approach, which not only permits automated reading of electricity, gas, water and heat meters, but also covers load management, home and building automation, power quality monitoring, and street lighting, all within one solution. As integrative part, ubitronix offers a series of communication, metering and load management products which integrate seamlessly into the Networked Energy Services (NES) system of Echelon. Beside these field components ubitronix also offers a powerful and open software suite for supporting the management of all the different components (meters, gateways).



Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft der Stadt Linz GmbH is a non-profit organisation providing public housing, owned by the City of Linz.


LINZ STROM GmbH, which is a subsidiary of LINZ AG, is active in the fields of energy production and distribution and telecommunications.


Ubitronix System Solutions GmbH supports utilities in tackling the growing challenges of liberalized energy markets with its Unified IEM approach.