Phases” provide process and technical details. Checklists and the roles of stakeholder interaction are introduced to ensure that all steps are successfully implemented. Already ongoing projects can pick the Guide at the current stage.

Partnership & buy-in require thorough review of potential benefits risks of service implementation including the regulatory environment and national and European level. Identification of existing hardware and access to it is needed to define realistic goals.

Analysing Data security & regulation of numerous stakeholders is required to ensure operation of the service and to reduce costs. For instance, measuring cabinets might belong to Third-Parties and depending on the local structure various stakeholders need to be informed of measures to be taken.

Technical set-up should begin with defining the scope and focus to ensure communication is transparent. Requirement capture includes functional as much as non-functional items which can be collected, for instance, by the use of focus groups. An important aspect is ensuring data protection. Selection of Use Cases and Process models as well as identifying the best specifications and architecture best suited for the current environment allows for review of individual systems.

Take-up & use requires clear definition of roles and response plans. While testing the system as such is essential, promotional activities have to start early in order to recruit and train the professionals and tenants operating the systems. Since awareness services require tenants to become active communication is key and successful means include the identification of ‘champions capable of informing and recruiting actors to use the service.

Observing the Outcomes of the service ensures that the full potential of the system implemented is achieved. This includes analysis of recorded consumption data as well as interviews of users. Standardised methods can be used (e.g. IPMVP). To optimise future exploitation and replication, the business model can be revised.

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