The SMARTSPACES architecture can be found in full detail using the 4+1 model in deliverable D3.2 here.

The document integrates 11 pilot sites in one documentation as well as providing the individual UML structures and building blocks for all sites.

Example APIs

The following documentation of API s has been successfully applied in the SMARTSPACES project and is open to be used.


The SMARTSPACES Birmingham pilot was the first to release a full API to access the data created by the service for offline analysis. Other pilots have followed since and are listed under Public Portals.


empirica is currently identifying relevant ontologies and approaches to linked open data in Europe in the Ready4SmartCities FP7 project.

SMARTSPACES MockUpWebservice

The SMARTSPACES API documented in WSDL is fully compatible with the Use Case and Process Models documented in the Guidelines.

Various webservices are accessible in a wide number of languages under Public Portals. Some sites also make their data openly available through this services and / or provide documentation for download.