Technical Documentation

The Technical Documentation provides you with full detail and on the reference architecture consistent and traceable with IDs for any kind of building (requirements, UML , BPMN, WSDL) .


Novice readers should first familiarise themselves with the necessary ICT Terminology.


The technical documentation takes place on 3 stages of complexity.

  1. Services describes the fundamental concept of all projects referenced.
  2. Use Cases describe all functionality providing UML definitions, BPMN process models and the set of Requirements with cross-referenced IDs.
  3. Architecture addresses IT specialists with examples of API documentation (:abbr:`WSDL (Web Services Description Language, an XML-based interface description language)).

Additionally, it is possible to analyse the entire set of requirements independent of specific Use Cases.

The Phases chapter provides organisational advice on, for instance, involving stakeholders to achieve Partnership & buy-in, to select suitable Use Cases (Technical set-up) or train users (Take-up & use).


If you wish to have access to the full list as editable files which could be adopted for your implementation, please contact