Structure of the Guide

The Guide avoids lists of definitions. Instead, all terms in italic and visible as links are described in the Glossary. Abbreviations with a dotted line show the full meaning once hoovered upon.


To quickly check a reference, hoover over a term visible as a link and press on the mousewheel.

The Guide can be read from three perspectives:

  • Chronologically with all detail related to a project (Phases)
  • From the view of one stakeholder with selected detail (Stakeholders)
  • Issue focused with detail only referencing this one issue (Problems)

Pilot sites are provided as References including description of the service, success and include the portal where possible. Full complexity is described in Technical Documentation and Legal Documentation.

It is easy for different stakeholders to communicate and exchange as the Guide wil use the same headings, in fact, the same text. This approach ensures that any update is automatically available everywhere!