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Some 1,000 flats in 30 family-buildings are operated by Volkswohnung. In the years 2010 and 2011, 17 buildings have been connected to the district heating systems. These buildings are involved in esesh

The Energy Awareness Service is targeting tenants with the purpose of raising awareness concerning energy saving potentials in their private households. Using the energy portal, the tenants in Rintheim can check and learn about their energy consumption. The main aim of the ems is to ensure early fault detection and improving the performance of the heat supply system. Poor performance leads to higher consumption and to higher energy costs for tenants. By implementing a monitoring system, it is possible to identify those systems which have unsatisfactory energy performance and to take early actions to improve them.



For more details visit the eeMeasure tool and the esesh deliverable D7.2 also covering qualitative surveys.



The tenants receive an alert by email when consumption is high and are also notified directly in the portal. Tenants receive saving tips in the portal. On request (tenants send an email to Volkswohnung) an energy coach visits the tenant in his/her home and explains the service as well as giving tips for changing settings and/or behaviour in order to save heating, water and electricity.


Automatic alerts are created from the monitoring system and sent to maintenance staff. Bi-annual reports with a detailed analysis and advices concerning possible actions to reduce energy consumption and to optimize the heating supply system



The business case for Karlsruhe can be summarised as an ‘upgrade scenario’ in which the performance of equipment is being measured by simply updating ongoing processes with smart metering devices.


VOLKSWOHNUNG (VOWO) is a housing company and is continuously looking for new approaches and technologies to support its aims to increase the sustainability of its building stock. VOWO was involved in esesh with the purpose of raising consciousness concerning energy saving potentials in private households and overall energy savings for electricity, water and heating. With the deployment of Energy Management Systems VOWO aims to optimise the performance of the heat supply systems in buildings stocks and to improve malfunction detection. Stadtwerke Karlsruhe (SWK): SWK and NH have cooperated in esesh to develop suitable systems to deploy smart metering. The vision of the project is to save energy in the social housing by changing the using habits of the energy use as a result of recognising the results of the monitoring system. The task of the SWK was the installation of the “Smart Meters” to provide the data for a “Monitoring System”. This system represents the basis for targeted energy system activities for the tenants.



Volkswohnung GmbH is a housing company of the municipality of Karlsruhe.


The key business of Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GmbH is the supply of energy and drinking water for the region of the City of Karlsruhe.