Electricity Saving Services
Residential Buildings



116 dwellings in 41 buildings are equipped with the esesh service.

The esesh services aim at an overall saving of electricity. Each user has access to an internet portal, where he / she can check the provided information, user-specific advices and tips about energy consumption. The service also analyses the electric bill and consumption in order to identify possible improvements. This includes adjustments to existing contracts such as the amount of energy contracted every month.



For more details visit the eeMeasure tool and the esesh deliverable D7.2 also covering qualitative surveys.


Saving tips will be provided in a personalised way after having conducted a real study of the characteristics of each property. Annual reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are sent to tenant by email in the location available. Annual reports summarising the energy consumption of the tenant are sent to tenant by postal mail in the other locations. Other features: ExtremMIEE and ExtremMH include on their websites some tips in order to carry out electricity savings at homes. Brochures with advices for saving electricity are distributed.



The business case for Extremadura targets low-income households inclined to or already experiencing energy poverty. The equipment used is very reliable and the degree of standardisation makes a wide roll-out likely, especially if support of local governments such as in Extremadura keeps pushing to distribute esesh to poor households. Pay-offs are almost immediate as it is common to send six bills a month and the advantages of automated reading and optimised billing processes benefit the esesh scenario strongly.


ExtremMH: The goal lies in support and provision of benefits to users of low-income housing, by teaching reduction of energy consumption and therefore costs releasing economic resources and improving transparency of information provided by energy companies. Furthermore, by understanding the influence of user behaviour on total energy consumption, various activities including esesh help to raise energy awareness, also preventing energy poverty. CIDE is an association of enterprises producing, distributing commercialising electric energy in Spain. Currently, 200 companies are members supplying over 500,000 clients. The branch in Extremadura has 25 associated enterprises. The association has presented a protocol to the Spanish Ministry of Industry concerning take-up and instalment of smart meters and similar services by the members of the organisation.



The Extremadura Regional Government (Junta de Extremadura) is the body that exercises the functions of governance of the region.


`The regional Ministry of Development, Housing, Planning and Tourism and the regional Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy of Extremadura participate in the project.


CIDE Sociedad Cooperativa is the main association of enterprises that distribute, commercialize and produce electric energy in Spain.