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In esesh, 77 flats in the size of 41 m² to 72 m² are equipped with the esesh service. Tenants at this pilot site are mainly young or middle-aged Spanish citizens and about 20% are immigrants. The educational level is mostly intermediate with very low percentage of persons without any studies and about 20% with graduate studies.

The esesh services are aiming at overall energy savings and fixed-time demand reduction with the consequent benefit of lowering contracted power in the future. The services offered in Catalonia are based on monitoring data at three levels of detail in order to find the optimal configuration that, in view of the obtained results, could permit the extension of the services in larger scale. Each of the three levels requires different ICT equipment investment costs (from low to high).



For more details visit the eeMeasure tool and the esesh deliverable D7.2 also covering qualitative surveys.



Tenants can fix their energy consumption objective separately for gas and electricity for the month introducing it in [€]. An occupancy profile (users can introduce and modify their weekly occupation profile) together with the consumption information is used to generate intelligent personalised alerts in form of tips about how tenants can modify their energy consumption behaviour in order to obtain energy savings. The energy saving tips have the specificity allowed by the measured data, according to the measurement’s level of detail.On request an energy coach visits the tenant in his/her home and explains the service as well as giving tips for changing settings and/or behaviour in order to save energy


Automatic maintenance warnings are created from the monitoring system and sent to maintenance staff in case of failure of the solar system. Other features: Supervision of data reception; revision of alarms for all dwellings, filtering of alarms by type, building and dwelling; message sending to tenants.


The business case for Catalonia is driven by the IT and measurement providers CIMNE/GASSO with high up front investments to replace existing measurement providers which rely on analogue metering systems. The investments immediately pay off for all other stakeholders although the service fee for tenants is significant. The result could be improved with better equipment which would also allow for lowering the costs for tenants in the long run.


Gasso has extensive experience in the energy management of public buildings through the introduction of ICT. The project esesh was an opportunity to implement these energy tools in the residential sector to explore the possible scope of achieving savings. With the experience gained through participating in the project Gasso would like to make a model of services for the residential sector and acquire a solid position in the residential energy market as one of the first companies to offer this service. It could be a complementary service to various government legislations that are being adopted in order to increase energy efficiency in this sector. CIMNE created the BEE-Group (Building, Energy and Environment Group in 2001. www.cimne.com/beegroup) whose main objectives focus on transfer and adaptation of CIMNE’s know-how to the Renewable Energy sector, developing new and energy simulation tools and promoting high skilled education in the field of the Renewable Energies. The mission is to exploit technological development in the fields of numerical methodologies and software for the analysis of the energy performance of PV/T systems and PV ventilated façades; development of decision for the support tools in the field of the local energy management. Currently, several dozen municipalities in Spain use CIMNE’s energy management web platform which shall be extended to the social housing domain.



The Ministry of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia has the responsibility to prepare and execute environmental policies and plans.


The International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) is a cooperative undertaking of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.


Gasso Auditores SLP is one of the main national auditing and business consulting firms, established by professionals with extensive experience. .