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The Moulins pilot is a highly modern, newly build nursery. It has 58 staff members and 360 visitors per day. The building is divided in three parts: Hospital nursery: 300 m²; Association Entraide nursery: 580 m²; and RAM (Childhood coordination of the city): 160 m².

The challenge is to achieve the theoretically possible energy efficiency by avoiding losses caused by (undetected) wastage or due to behaviour. The nursery building respects the thermal regulations 2012. It means the conception and realisation of the building is linked to energy efficiency with solutions to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Realisation concerns heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, electricity, building monitoring system, to get a better comfort and environment for users, staff and visitors. With the thermal regulations 2012, an air-tightness test took place during and after construction.




For more details visit the eeMeasure tool and the SMARTSPACES deliverable D7.2 also covering qualitative surveys.



The solution aims to ensure parents and staff that the conditions are the best possible for the vulnerable children spending a good part of their day in the building. For this purpose visitors and staff members with limited access to a desktop computer needed to be addressed.


A TV set informs the user about the current status. The graphics developed are not only accessible to adults but also to the young ones. In fact, it has been observed that the children react to changing characters which are associated with good or bad performance of the building.

Changes allow interaction and interplay with children for education and awareness raising. As children react, parents can be involved in the discussion of why the results are not as good they could be and the learning effect reaches beyond a generation. This is also achieved be providing advice and tips along with the screen connected to the current reason of underperformance.


The AMR technology captures data in real-time, those data are stored in a database management system. The web portal of EDFOS (Netseenergy) will enable to visualize the collected energy consumption data and to analyze them (energy performance diagnostics).


Netseenergy software is a global and integrated solution dedicated to real estate management and energy performance. All the sensors data, for energy as well air quality and temperature, are centralized in a box which enables data communication in the software thanks to an IP protocol.

For temperature and air quality, various sensors are located in the rooms of the entire site. For energy, sensors are positioned on main meters (energy provider) and submeters (in electrical switchboards). The system allows measuring the heating produced by a district heating grid (wood-fired power plant). Professionals are notified about any peaks and leakages via SMS or email.

Value propositions

French communities demand high standards with regard to the environment in which new-born and children are raised (e.g. no-wave, climate, transparency). The pilot successes in satisfying such requirements and due to its transparency using every day technology such as public TVs worries are taken away from parents. Moreover, as the data shared on the screen such as temperature objectives otherwise subjective feelings it reduces the number of discussions about the environment in which the children spend a good portion of the day. Environmental control optimises not only the comfort but also ensures that automatisation achieves the conditions in the most energy efficient way. Usage of data on the “edge” also simplifies the monitoring process across the entire building enabling professionals to stabilise the conditions in neighbouring zones before the effects of any incident influences larger parts of the system.



The SMARTSPACES project is cost-neutral. As the building is new, the savings will occur without further investment for several decades. The cost is mostly covered by the building operator (Department) as part of the acquisition of the building. The technology applied is innovative and availability limited so prices are likely to decline. SMARTSPACES is a combination of features from several SMEs which can easily be replicated by other public or private investors.


The Municipality has decided to build a new structure with three entities (RAM, Mutual Aid and Hospital nursery) replacing three old separate entities hereby centralising and making public services more efficient. The new building meets the standards of current French thermal regulation, respecting environmental managers and building low energy consumption. With the nursery being the pilot for a “smart building” the ICT-solution is to be applied to the rest of the structure. For the near future, one more public building has been decided upon named “Maison de l’Enfance” (details below). The council reviews a student residence in close connection with a residence for senior citizens which must be realised on the territory of the city of Moulins in/after 2017. Moulins Habitat will be the prime contractor for the project and will then help future residents to explain how to use new technologies to save energy.

The dedicated portal and display system provided by IT partner RPP completely compliant with the needs of other kind of structure like residential buildings (energy display and communication messages), industrial sites, and also public buildings (e.g. schools, exhibition centres). The concept can easily be replicated as similar hierarchies (visitors, staff / tenants, professionals) exist in other buildings and the UI can easily be embedded into the environment of the building operator. The solution is being used by numerous housing operators in France but also applied by partners in Switzerland and adopted by technology partners around the world.

EDF OS has implemented the SMARTSPACES service in schools in Paris and industrial customer in Poitiers. Replication is possible in residential buildings, public building (school, offices etc.) and the private sector. Costs depend on the sector (residential or public) and how many meters and information channels are to be installed.



The town of Moulins is situated at the center of an agglomeration of 26 communities with a total population of over 20 thousand inhabitants, a historical town, internationally renowned for its cultural dynamism. In coherence with its desire to reinforce the attractiveness of the territory, the town is in the process of revitalizing its town center, developing its economic activity in order to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. The agglomeration of Moulins and the department of the Allier are committed to an agenda 21 type sustainable development approach. One of its objectives is to build, manage and maintain communal public buildings that respect the environment. Ville de Moulins is partner in the pilot site of Moulins and will be the connection to the public.


Moulins Habitat is a public office of development and building in the town of Moulins. Its main activities are renting social housing and building new housing as well as the development of activity areas.MH owns 3900 housing units, a few specialized homes and manages 2 activity areas and 4 housing estate building plots. Among other projects MH manages an urban renovation project for South Moulins and Yzeure, le Plessis, where about 30 % of the population of Moulins lives. MH is the pilot site manager of Moulins.


EDF Optimal Solutions is a 100% affiliate to EDF Group, which was created in 2008 to improve energy efficiency buildings and reduce environmental impact. The EDF Optimal Solutions approach follows the Kyoto Protocol and the Grenelle roundtables for environment. To reach these objectives, EDF Optimal Solutions provides global solutions including, conception, realisation, commissioning and maintenance and the financing of project linked to energy efficiency for local authorities and private companies including solutions to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions. EDFOS is partner in the pilot site of Moulins and brings its technical knowledge to the pilot site.


Real Project Partner is an SME specialized in IT networks (fiber optic, PLC and Ethernet) deployments and services containing fiber and IP. RPP was founded in 2003 by three Directors in the field of IT networks from key industrial companies (Siemens, Telindus and Expertdata). For the last three years, RPP has developed services based on fibre which enable the customers to access DTT, SAT and IP based services in the social housing, as well as TV portal that enables tenants to have a view on their energy consumptions through the TV screen and also to correspond with the social housing company without needing paper or physical contact. RPP as one of the technology partners and IT service providers will assist Moulins Habitat in the deployment of the IT infrastructure, the installation of the Internet access through technologies which no electromagnetic radiation (fibre optic) and the display of the energy consumption and air quality through TV screens.


Lyonnaise des Eaux is one of the subsidiaries of the Suez Environnement Group, which is with more than 79 000 employees and operations on every continent a world leader dedicated exclusively to utilities management. Lyonnaise des Eaux is the second main water actor in France with 14 million clients served with drinking water and 10 million clients whose treatment is guaranteed. Lyonnaise des Eaux has created a business unit dedicated to real estate management and energy performance and has developed its own information system based on an automatic meter reading in order to drive buildings energy and maintenance. They offer (offices and commercial buildings, housing) a wide range of innovative services to property managers. These solutions are also available for offices workers, buildings inhabitants and citizens. Lyonnaise is a longtime partner in the pilot site of Moulins and brings its technical knowledge to the pilot site.