My problem is, I... not know how to address humans

Answer: Energy Decision Support and Awareness Service (EDSS not know how to include machines

Answer: Energy Management Services (EMS)

...need a list of requirements

Answer: Requirements lists provided for functional, non-functional, data, conversion units and legal. The first two cross-referenced with Use Cases

Example for one Use Case:

Functional Requirements: R1.1.1 Web-portal R1.1.3 Website R1.1.4 Mobile-App R1.1.5 Social Networks R1.1.6 Public Screen R1.1.7 TV R1.1.9 SMS R1.1.12 Poster R1.1.13 Paper R1.1.14 (Eco)Maps R1.1.16 Export-Database R1.1.17 Access-Webservice R1.2.1 Resource-Electricity R1.2.2 Resource-Heating R1.2.3 Resource-Cooling R1.2.4 Resource-Water(warm) R1.2.5 Resource-Water(cold) R1.2.6 Resource-Water(grey) R1.2.7 Resource-Waste R1.2.8 Resource-Solar(Heat) R1.2.9 Resource-Solar(Electricity) R1.2.10 Resource-DistrictHeating R1.2.11 Resource-CO2 R1.2.16 Currency R1.2.20 Location R1.2.21 Environment-Weather R1.2.22 Environment-Temperature R1.2.23 Environment-Humidity R1.2.24 Environment-Carbon concentration R1.3.1 Continuous R1.3.2 Bars R1.3.3 Heat-Map R1.3.4 Piechart R1.3.5 Gauge R1.3.6 Rank R1.3.7 Tables R1.3.8 Representation-Scale R1.3.9 Representation-Animated R1.3.10 Cumulative-Time R1.3.11 Cumulative-Space R1.3.12 (Eco)Map R1.5.2 Average Building R1.5.7 Similar Building R1.5.12 Badges Building R1.5.13 Badges Floor R1.5.14 Badges Room R1.5.15 Badges Zone R1.5.16 Badges Staff R1.8.1 Advice - generic R1.8.3 Advice - project-based R1.8.5 Quiz R1.8.7 Social Games R1.8.10 Banners R1.8.11 Poster R1.8.12 Pull-up R1.8.13 Email R1.8.15 Leaflet R1.8.18 Events-Kids R1.8.20 QR-Code R1.9.1 Electricity R1.9.3 Heating R1.9.4 Cooling R1.9.5 Water R1.9.6 Ventilation R1.9.7 Waste R1.9.8 Transportation R1.10.2 Control - Web-Portal R1.10.3 Control- MobileApp R1.10.8 Automatic - Occupancy Current R1.10.10 Automatic - Movement R1.14.8 Dashboard configuration

Non-Functional Requirements: R2.1.2 Structure-Sitemap R2.1.8 Visualisation - SizeChange R2.1.14 Language R2.1.15 Language - Button R2.6.1 Browser - Chrome10 & above R2.6.2 Browser - FireFox4 & above R2.6.3 Browser - IE6 R2.6.4 Browser - IE7 &above R2.6.5 Browser - Opera10 & above R2.6.6 Browser - Safari4 & above R2.6.7 App - Android R2.6.8 App - iOS R2.6.9 App - Win7

...need to find use cases applicable for me

Answer: All Use Cases

Example of one Use Case which is linked to one Process Model:


...need some introduction into features

Answer, for:

...need an API

Answer: Architecture see actual portals operating

Answer: Public Portals can be found in various languages as a list. not know how to develop for regular users

Answer: The Technical Overview explains how to put a regular user into the center of development.


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